The Got Light Family

Owners & Lead Designers

Inspired by designers Russell Holt and Jon Retsky, Got Light offers over 45 years of experience in event design and production. Their backgrounds expand from more than just the event community. From fine art, photography, and film… to theatre, dance, music, and architecture… their multi faceted experience in the arts has brought a fresh vision to the events industry and transformed the way events are produced and designed.

Jon carries a master’s degree in architectural lighting design from the New York School of Interior Design, with a bachelor’s in theatrical lighting from San Francisco State University.  Russ graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree in cinematic arts from San Francisco State University.

Their cinema, theater, and architectural lighting backgrounds are what have inspired Got Light over the years.

The Got Light signature style is how to produce an event with the smallest visible footprint of production nonsense.

Over 20 years ago, Jon Retsky and Russell Holt started their operation out of Holt’s basement in San Francisco’s Russian Hill.

Today, Got Light employs an incredible 130 person team in a 40,000 -square-foot facility serving the Bay Area event industry.

Event Designers

Michael Kuhlmann
Director of Event Design
Holly Smith
Associate Director of Events
Natalia Zelazny
Lead Event Designer
Kristina Arhancet
Lead Event Designer
Ashleigh Norman
Event Designer
Kim Bernard
Event Designer

Technical Producers

Wolfgang Wachalovsky
Director of Technical Production
Molly Stewart-Cohn
Technical Producer
Noah Hendricks
Technical Producer – Audio
Karsten Wolf
Technical Producer – Video
Aaron Thrasher
Technical Producer

Production Team

Julie Stevenson
Director of Event Operations
Alan Sezak
Crew Manager
Matt Ackerman
Manager of Field Development
Maggie Johnson
Manager of Field Operations
Francesca Muscolo
Project Manager | Design Manager

Warehouse Team

Mike Novitski
Senior Warehouse Operations Manager
Tony Lopez
Fabrication Supervisor
Marco Sanchez
Warehouse Supervisor
Ericka Sokolower Shain
Warehouse Manager
Maricriz Perea
Fabrication Supervisor
Shawn Takabayashi
AV Supervisor

AV Design Managers

Kedar Lawrence

Design Managers

Andrew Gibson
Jerry Lee Abram
John Matt
Oly Martinez
Rafael Zaragoza
Hunter Lane
Kristopher Frankson
Lindsey Platt

Behind The Scenes

Noah Butter
Accounting Manager
Mike Nealy
Director of Finance
Salem Thomas
Office Manager

Pets of Got Light