Gobo Guide

Gobos can enhance the overall design by creating highly stylized visuals on the visuals on the walls, ceilings, backdrops, dance floors, and other scenic elements of the event space.  By mixing color and pattern, a gobo can add a dramatic or personalized touch, and exotic feel, or a luxurious accent for a truly memorable event.

Stock vs Custom

A stock pattern can be simple or elaborate and is predesigned by a gobo manufacturer. There are hundreds to chose from that can likely match a theme or pattern for your event.

A custom gobo is a great way to personalize your event. Display your company’s logo, a key phrase or slogan, a significant date, a custom pattern to coordinate with your theme, or a monogram design.

Steel vs Glass

A steel gobo works for most simple designs. A steel gobo has a single layer and will be projected in a single color.

A glass gobo is best for more intricate designs, complex logos, and multiple colored images. Glass gobos are also capable of grayscale to add depth to the image or design.