Don’t be fooled by the name.

Got Light provides more than just light!

Our services include event audio, video, projection art, video mapping, draping, staging, and much more.

From backyard weddings to general sessions, from boutique to blowout, our team can tackle an event of any scale.

Got Light provides

design, production, and installations for special events.

We have built a reputation for providing innovative and thoughtfully crafted designs, 5-star customer service, and an unyielding attention to detail.




Private Dinner


Outdoor Events


Mitzvahs & Proms


From backyard weddings to street-closing celebrations, Got Light has transformed the industry and the way lighting is incorporated for events.

Our primary job is visibility. From there, the options that we can dream up are infinite.

We are experts at layering in color, texture, kinetic movement, and subtle highlights, taking your event from “lit” to “WOW!”

  • Dramatic Uplighting
  • Custom Logo Projection
  • Table Pin Spotting
  • Accent Lighting
  • Pattern/Texture Projection

  • Dance Lighting
  • Band Lighting
  • Lanterns
  • Chandeliers
  • Illuminated Décor

  • Prop & Theme Lighting
  • Intelligent Lighting Packages
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Pathway Lighting
  • Tent Lighting

WiFi On Board

Batteries & light unite, introducing a no muss, no fuss alternative to almost any lighting design.

Got Light is a national leader in wireless, battery, & LED lighting, paving the way for a greener and more environmentally friendly approach to lighting for the event industry.

The labor and power saving opportunities are endless!


  • 18 Hour battery life
  • Richer, fuller, brighter light
  • Absurdly low energy consumption
  • Infinite color control and programming
  • Eliminates gel, tape, and wires
  • No more generators
  • Extremely low heat output
  • Fast, clean, easy installations
  • Reduces labor

Endless Opportunities

  • Uplighting
  • Food, beverage, registration lighting
  • Drape backlighting
  • Prop and decor lighting
  • Illuminated bars and glowing decor
  • Planter uplighting
  • Illuminated inflatables
  • Pathway illumination
  • Band illumination

Our audio division is no hobby. We carry and provide top of the line digital audio systems and offer audio engineers for every occasion.

We approach audio like we approach lighting. Clean, immaculate, elegant, and refined… words not usually associated with amplification!

From a discrete and elegant system for a wedding ceremony, to a powerful and precise exhibition or dance hall system, we have your ears covered!

  • General Sessions
  • Wedding Audio Packages
  • Basic PA Systems
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Panelist Discussions
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Live Audio Recording
  • Soundscapes
  • DJ Audio Support
  • Band & Live Sound Support
  • Background Cocktail & Dinner Music

Video for us means more than just a screen and projector.

Whether it’s a family slideshow, corporate conference, product launch, or fundraiser, we offer a healthy and robust array of video production for your eyes.

  • High Definition Video Projection
  • Plasma, LED & LCD Flat screens
  • Video & Presentation Preparation
  • Video Branding
  • Custom Video Backgrounds
  • Live Video Recording & Feeds
  • Custom Screens
  • Architectural Projections
Projection Mapping

Got Light continues to surprise guests using video as lighting design!

Immerse yourself in projection mapping as a key design element and envelope your space with kinetic energy.

Take your guests to the next level with custom content projected onto almost any surface. Ask us how easy it really is!


View Drape Collection

Got Light specializes in sheer draping, velvets, and custom fabrics.

Whether it’s to hide an ugly wall, create a dramatic entrance, enclose a sexy lounge, or soften a room, we come bearing needle and thread.

If we don’t stock what you’re looking for, we’ll stay up all night and sew it from scratch (literally)!


View Stage and Podium Guide

Band, fashion show, presentation, or ceremony platform? We offer a wide array of stages and staging options.

We customize all of our staging to match your event with custom carpet and wood cladding. We’ll even help you out with a podium if you need something to stand behind

  • Podiums
  • Staging
  • Rustic Staging
  • Backdrops

See your event before it happens!

Renderings can help present your vision for a wide range of environments.

  • General Sessions
  • Special Events
  • Conferences
  • Tradeshows
  • Concerts
  • Weddings
  • Private Residences
  • Film & Television

Renderings by Jacob del Nero