The Lighting Guide for Every Bride!

We understand that lighting can be a new world for a lot of people and welcome you to use this quick reference guide when thinking about the look and feel you desire for your wedding. We’re just a phone call away, so don’t hesitate to call with any additional questions or ideas.


Consider it the “base coat” of lighting for your wedding. The quickest and most dramatic way to transform any room with light is by uplighting the perimeter of the space, grazing the walls, ceilings and architectural detail with light and color. Uplighting can be any color of your choice, preferably a color that ties in with your linens, florals, or overall color palette. The end result? A subtle, magical and romantic glow.


Accent Lighting

Don’t get caught in the dark! There’s nothing worse than a bar or escort card table with no light. Accent lighting is a must to ensure that your key guest stations are lit. Not to mention, you’ll definitely want your wedding cake to get some attention too!


Pin Spotting

A pin spot is a sharp, focused accent light directed at your floral centerpiece. Pin spotting not only helps illuminate the room but makes all of your guest tables pop with light. If your florals are an integral design element at your wedding, a little light goes a long way in making sure they don’t fall flat and disappear.


Monogram Projections

Your wedding monogram, date, initials, or other design motifs can easily be custom made into an illuminated projection. Your custom design can be projected on a blank wall or dance floor in any color. If you don’t already have a monogram, we are happy to assist you in designing one that ties into the overall style of your wedding.


A wash is simply a projection of colored or patterned illumination. There are a variety of different types of washes and endless possibilities:


You can choose from thousands of different motifs or textures.

A wash can be a sharp, pronounced, literal projection. Or, we can soften the projection so the wash looks like a very subtle texture of soft dappled light.

If patterns and textures are not your cup of tea, the wash can simply be a rich, saturated color that complements your overall color palette.

Often a wash is a necessity, not a design or artistic element. For example, your band or DJ may require a wash of light and color. Or, perhaps the event space needs a wash of light to help brighten up or enhance the overall ambiance.

Other Considerations

In addition to the above lighting enhancements, you might also want to think about some of the following specialty elements to spice up your event. Pop us a call for more info!

  • LED Color Changing Lighting
  • Dramatic Landscape Illumination
  • Custom Draping
  • Chandeliers
  • Lanterns
  • Italian Piazza Lights
  • Pathway Illumination
  • Illuminated Dance Floors

Next Steps

  • After you contact us, we’ll touch base by phone and email within 24-48 business hours to discuss your lighting needs and the overall style of your event.
  • If you prefer, we can set up a free consultation at your venue or our offices to discuss options and ideas in person.
  • More often than not, we can email you preliminary ideas and costs after an initial phone meeting!
  • Our preliminary proposals always outline a minimum design package along with a variety of specialty and optional design elements to choose from – all specifically tailored to your event venue.
  • After nailing down a final design that fits into your budget, Got Light will submit a final proposal and contract for review and signature.
  • We request a 50% deposit to hold the date and begin the pre-production process. The remaining balance is due on or before your event date.
  • After booking, we’ll touch base with you and your other vendors as the date nears to make sure all the details are covered!



Got Tips?

  • Space books up quickly! We recommend booking your event with Got Light no later than four to six months prior to your date. This is particularly important if you’re planning your wedding during the months of May, June, or September.
  • Not sure what design you want, but want to secure our services? No problem. We offer a “Hold the Date!” deposit option which will lock in your date with us. As your event date nears we’ll work with you to chisel out the design and final costs.
  • If your event date is 8-12+ months away, we’re happy to get you some preliminary ideas and number. Keep in mind that lighting is one of the very last elements to come into play as our design is based heavily on other design elements (florists, catering, entertainment, and more). Often it’s difficult to accurately prepare a design and quote without this information, but we can assist you in asking all the right questions during your early planning stages.


Drape | View Drape Photo Gallery

Whether it’s to hide an ugly wall, create a dramatic entrance, ultra-lounge, or soften a room, the options are endless. Got Light specializes in sheer draping, velvets, and custom fabrics. If we don’t stock what you’re looking for, we’ll stay up all night and sew it from scratch (literally)!

Our white sheer drape is a snow white poly-silk material, that when gathered with fullness creates a chic, heavenly, and opaque ultra lounge or entry, transforming any space.

The drape was designed to take light with stunning results. Even the simplest uplighting behind or within the sheer can create a magical indirect illumination source to an entire room.



Audio Visual

With or without lighting, audio and visual affects can greatly impact the ambience of you wedding. Whether you’re looking for a wireless microphone for toasts, background cocktail and dinner music, or to play a personalized slideshow for your guests, we provide top of the line audio systems and technicians.

  • Ceremony Audio Packages
  • Reception Audio Packages
  • Background Cocktail & Dinner Music
  • Soundscapes
  • DJ Audio Support
  • Band & Live Sound Support
  • Live Audio Recording
  • Custom Slideshows
  • Video Projection
  • Flatscreen Plasmas