who we are

about 1bWe are the San Francisco Bay Area's leader in providing immersive lighting and enhanced event environments, creating dramatic impact with lighting, audio, video, and more!

We have built a reputation for providing five-star customer service, creative solutions and innovative designs for a diverse range of events.

Inspired by designers Russell Holt and Jon Retsky, got light offers over 35 years of combined experience in event design and production.

Jon & Russ' backgrounds span from more than just the event community. From fine art, photography, and film... to theater, dance, music and architecture... their multi-faceted experience in the arts have brought a fresh vision to the event industry and transformed the way lighting is utilized for events and weddings.

Our years of experience in the field have provided the got light team with a keen understanding of how to creatively transform empty spaces by employing innovative solutions and designs -- whether it's lighting, audio, video, drape (or a healthy concoction of all of the above)!