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Our team of Design Managers & Design Associates consists of passionate designers, producers, cinematographers, engineers, and more. Dedicated workers and creative problem solvers with a sick obsession for details and an addiction to customer service is what makes us who we are.


Jon Retsky - Owner & Lead Designer at Got LightJon Retsky - Owner & Lead Designer

Building off of a strong theatrical and architectural lighting foundation, Jon brings an evocative, elegant aesthetic into the Special Events industry. Jon's 15 years of Lighting Design experience for the stage allow him a unique perspective and approach on how to light events, or more specifically, how to light the spaces that hold them!

To view Jon's lighting designs for the stage, Click Here.


Russell Holt - Owner & Lead Designer at Got LightRussell Holt - Owner & Lead Designer

Introduced to the world of production 20 years ago behind the lens of a movie camera, Russ quickly developed an all-encompassing knowledge of design and lighting in order to enhance the captured image. Since then, he has created many award-winning films and fine art exhibitions. Now Russ has turned his artistry to crafting spectacular events with an uncanny sense of calm.