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Inspired by designers Russell Holt and Jon Retsky, Got Light offers over 35 years of combined experience in event design and production. Their backgrounds span from more than just the event community. From fine art, photography, and film… to theater, dance, music and architecture… their multi-faceted experience in the arts have brought a fresh vision to the event industry and transformed the way lighting is utilized for events and weddings.

Our signature style is about how to produce an event with the smallest visible footprint of production nonsense. When we aren’t making art, we are event cosmeticians, finding smarter ways to make you look fantastic!

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Jon Retsky and Russell Holt | Got Light co-owners and lead designers

Russell Holt – Owner & Lead Designer

Introduced to the world of production 20 years ago behind the lens of a movie camera, Russ quickly developed an all-encompassing knowledge of design and lighting in order to enhance the captured image. Since then, he has created many award-winning films and fine art exhibitions. Now Russ has turned his artistry to crafting spectacular events with an uncanny sense of calm.

Jon Retsky – Owner & Lead Designer

Building off of a strong theatrical and architectural lighting foundation, Jon brings an evocative, elegant aesthetic into the Special Events industry. Jon’s 15 years of Lighting Design experience for the stage allow him a unique perspective and approach on how to light events, or more specifically, how to light the spaces that hold them!

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Michael Kuhlmann – Director of Event Design

With over 15 years of experience in lighting, audio, video, and event technology for high end resorts and concerts, Mike is a certified expert at designing, producing, and managing a wedding for 20, a general session for 1200, and everything in between (all with grace, excellence, and a smile). Mike’s specialty? There unfortunately isn’t enough room on this page. A dash of 5 star customer service and a pinch of Got Charm makes him the perfect recipe for a stunning event and production experience.

Kasia Malkiewicz – VP of Design and Production

7 years ago, Kasia impressed us with her poise, experience, and passion for events. She started her career in venue and event management at some of the top restaurants and hotels in Boston. With a move to San Francisco, she switched gears and quickly learned the production side of the events industry. With over 10 years of experience managing events, venues, and staff – she was a natural fit for her role at Got Light. She knows how to crack the whip and keep this company running like a well oiled machine.

Design Team

Our Got Light design team has a keen understanding of how to creatively transform empty spaces by employing innovative solutions and designs — whether it’s lighting, audio, video, drape (or a healthy concoction of all of the above)! Our team consists of passionate designers, producers, cinematographers, engineers, and more. We are dedicated workers and creative problem solvers with a sick obsession for details and an addiction to customer service is what makes us who we are.

We have built a reputation for providing five-star customer service, creative solutions and innovative designs for a diverse range of events.


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Lead Event Designer
Sean Shay
Lead Event Designer
Kristina Arhancet
Wedding & Social
Event Designer
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Event Designer