9 Projectors… 862 hours of content creation… 1 historic building… 1 very special night.

A month after their intimate wedding, one of our favorite couples decided it was time to really party down!   

The majestic and historic Legion of Honor, perched above Lincoln park in San Francisco, became the focal point for their masquerade themed event… and the backdrop for a dazzling light show. Working closely with the brilliant team at Shannon Leahy Event Planning & Design, the couple teamed up with Got Light to produce a surprise masterpiece for its guests.

This audio visual narrative involved a process known as video mapping or “projection mapping”.

Projection mapping is a video technology used to turn objects into a display surface for video projection. These objects may be complex industrial landscapes, such as buildings, small indoor objects or theatrical stages. In this case, the object was the 7000 cubic yards of concrete and million pounds of reinforcing bar that make up the famed Legion of Honor. By using specialized software, the facade’s surface was spatially mapped, allowing graphics and visuals to be intricately placed on key details of the architecture. 

After dinner inside a lavishly tented Court of Honor, guests were invited to the front lawn for the unveiling. Little did they know the entire facade of the gorgeously appointed French Pavilion would come alive with an audio-visual feast.

The entire party faded to black and the soundtrack for the couple’s story began to play under the crowd’s whispers. As the music began to build, an intricate animation unfolded onto the building, showcasing various elements of the couple’s personalities and life stories using a diverse range of graphics, visuals, characters, animations, atmospheric transitions, and more.

Got Light was proud to create this stunning video masterpiece. Huge thanks and congrats to our design partners Shannon Leahy Event Planning & Design, Lucid Creative, Componere Fine Catering, and Hensley Event Resources.

Photography and video footage captured by Show Ready Photo & Lucid Creative.

For the full video watch below


1409252103-Legion-of-Honor-Museum-ticketsThe majestic Legion of Honor (before)

Don’t be fooled. This isn’t a rendering, nor is there one single light bulb used in the photo above. Instead, the Legion of Honor was illuminated solely by video projection and video mapping technology.


Nine 30,000 Lumen projectors sit 1,500 feet away from the projection surface. Housed in weather proof shipping containers. Two fully operational audio and video tech booths operate the magic below.