BizBash: Wireless Lighting

The Bright Price: Here are six cost-savings tips for lighting your next eventBizBash Magazine, Summer Digital Series 2015

“Not only is it an environmentally friendly way to go, but wireless lighting can reduce costs up to as much as 50%, says Jon Retsky, the co-owner and lead designer behind San Francisco-based Got Light.

  “While the cost of wireless equipment may be a bit pricey, the savings in cords,

wires, gels, tape, and labor adds up, especially in venues that allow very little time to setup and remove.” Going wireless can also lead to savings in power consumption fees from venues.

“If there isn’t money for pattern washes or an elaborate lighting design, sometimes a handful of wireless uplights will transform a room and create high drama in the flick of a switch,” Retsky says. “Uplighting is the first place to start when lighting a room — and frankly you could stop there and still make a huge impact.”